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Develop together with Bottstone new and attractive products and significantly reduce time to market

Keep your products up-to-date and isolate dangers

With our innovation management we help you keep up with current trends and stay relevant as a company. With our product lifecycle management, we help you analyze how your products can be kept technologically up-to-date. We help determine when it’s time for migrating the solution to new and established technologies.

Let your product reach maturity

In initial stages of product development there exist many ideas but little evidence if these could be realized. We help you with a feasibility analysis to determine if and how your aims can be achieved. With prototyping we can then iteratively implement the findings to reach a product with a maximum benefit for its budgeted investments.

Adapt your product to the constantly changing market needs

The ongoing success of your company depends on how quickly it adapts to changes in the market. It is a hard thing to achieve as a company to have at all times a line of innovative products that fit current needs of customers. Often businesses are absorbed by the operations of daily business, which makes them miss great opportunities of current trends and innovation. We help you keep attractive, modern products in your pipeline to keep your business on the edge.

Develop new products cost-efficient

The manufacturing of products can be a time and cost consuming process. Products that haven’t reached a certain maturity can pose a risk with unforeseen problems that require re-adjustment. We can help you with our model-based designs that allow you to simulate and configurate your products beforehand to reduce later risks to a minimum.

Optimize the fabrication of your line of products

We all know that one shouldn’t reinvent the wheel. But are you sure your products are designed for a highly efficient fabrication? Let us help you modularize your products so that you can reuse quality key components. With our production engineering we help you find the most cost-efficient way to fabricate high quality products.

Exceed your business goals with cutting-edge products