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Make your devices smart to their full potential, expand them with connectivity and create a whole ecosystem around them

Equip your devices with a powerful logic

Make the most of your devices by assigning them with rich functionality and fast, accurate feedback controls. Benefit from powerful firmware written by us from scratch or running on top of an RTOS.

Facilitate easy updates

We’ll develop for you a bootloader and firmware architecture that securely and quickly allows you to update your devices with new firmware, provisioned by one of its interfaces. This way you can benefit from updates performed directly by the customer without any need for your interaction.

Smart devices on the rise

Internet of Things (IoT) is in everyone's mouth and with a smartphone in everyone's pocket there is a huge potential for smart devices in a customer's hands. Take a leap ahead with your business by enriching your users' experience with powerful smart devices. Let your services materialize and be part of your customer's everyday life.

Benefit from a rich interoperability

In many cases the ecosystem around your devices is just as important. We’ll help you find the best way to interface with your devices, for example over Bluetooth with mobile apps or through USB with a desktop program. In the area of Near Field Communication, we can illustrate you many profitable opportunities.

Optimize your data flows

The data recorded on your devices is often encoded in a primitive format. We’ll find the best format to represent your data without loss of information that allows smart usage, such as streaming. Based on the raw data we can do interpolation, segmentation and analysis to learn from your collected data.

Let your devices outperform and put them to their best use