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We are a team of passionate engineers led by creativity, inventiveness and pragmatism. We break new ground, systematically and in a structured way.

We stand for interdisciplinary synergies

We believe that the exchange of ideas and interdisciplinary dialogue are the fueling fire of novel solutions. We approach problems through different perspectives and areas of expertise to enrich our solutions and best meet our clients' needs.

We are open to new horizons

We welcome new ideas with an open mind, are not afraid of confrontation, and are always willing to improve in order to grow together. We encourage each other and try to overcome limits.

We value everyone's uniqueness

We place great trust in each team member and appreciate their true value: At Bottstone everyone's contribution matters and we respect everyone's individuality. Together we live our values and take them to the outside world. We are Bottstone.

What we believe in

Responsibility & reliability

Everyone's contribution matters

Creativity & innovation


We provide space to grow

We think that your professional (and personal) growth is essential in the workplace. We don't think in boxes so team members are free to grow their expertise in other areas as well as take on new responsibilities.

Our way of working is pure passion. We are passionate about every project we take on and employ our full skill set in a goal and future-oriented approach.

We're proud of what we do

We believe that quality is not a compromise: We are a company of highly qualified engineers and experts, and we strive to offer the best and most innovative solutions.

Customer goals are our goals

We work in a customer-centric fashion: our work is based on relationships composed of mutual trust and dialogue. With our professionalism and reliability we aim to offer sustainable success to our clients.

We are constantly looking for talent and creativity to help us grow and improve. Do you also want to be a part of Bottstone and help shape our future? Just get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.