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We are a team of highly qualified engineers driven by passion, inventiveness and pragmatism. We harness our creativity and diverse backgrounds to effectively achieve our customers' goals.

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Our specialist knowledge consists of a wide variety of engineering disciplines: find below the service that best suits your needs

Software Engineering

Embedded Programming

Product Engineering

Whole range of development process

We help businesses from maturing new ideas, the structured elaboration of concepts up to the development and implementation of complex ideas into company tailored all-around solutions, taking care of the uni- as well as multidisciplinary process from start to launch.

We foster interdisciplinary synergies to create novel solution

A great advantage of this approach is that a large variety of cultural influences can enrich the process of finding a solution and at the same time cost-efficient competitive advantages can be achieved for the customer.

Experience a customer-centric collaboration

We work closely with our clients to ensure that our solutions are fully in line with the defined requirements and specifications and through collaboration across areas of expertise even exceed them.

We aim at creating novelty for our customers to help them succeed in their business and grow as a company. We work efficiently, reliably and proactively and always with the needs of our customers in mind. We develop our solutions methodically with our engineering knowledge so that we can guarantee a quick delivery of high-quality products.

We're PQFORCE Certified Partners

We have been a certified development partner for 3 years to help the continuous development of PQFORCE. Through this collaboration we acquired a deep knowledge of the theory and application of project management.

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